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Shylesh Kandiah

Melbourne is a vibrant and always developing city, with a tonne to do whether you’re visiting or a local. Melbourne provides entertainment for all ages and has a variety of enjoyments that make the city great from the food, to the sport, to the education, and to the festivals, there is something for everyone. The multicultural influence on the city of Melbourne is undoubted.


Melbourne is known for its festivals that are held throughout the year whether it be arts, film or comedy festivals there will always be something that will get you out of your home and into the streets. Some of these festivals include the White Night Festival in February, the Comedy Festival in April, Melbourne Fringe in September, and Melbourne Festival in October, the city is filled with laughter and joy.


Melbourne is also known for its education and whether you’re a student or someone who is just wanting to learn more about the rich Melbourne culture you could even visit some of the different University grounds found throughout Melbourne, such as Melbourne University, Monash University, La Trobe and even Deakin University where alumni such as Shylesh Kandiah found his footing as a business analyst and project manager.


If you’re into fashion then Melbourne is the place for you and one of the great things to do in Melbourne has a lot to do with the fashion scene, and that is shopping. Whether you visit the Bourke Street Mall, the Block Arcade, the Emporium Melbourne, or the Queen Victoria Markets all located in the CBD of Melbourne, you will find something that will suit you and your style.


Food is what breathes life into the city of Melbourne and there are plenty of different places to visit and eat when living or visiting Melbourne. Shylesh Kandiah believes the multicultural influence and multicultural dining experience is one of the most exciting aspects of Melbourne and that is certainly the case when it comes to eating at places like Rosa’s Kitchen where Italian cuisine and home-style pasta are a joy to behold and Top Paddock’s ricotta hotcake is worth a visit. You can also try the best Pizza in the world at 400 Gradi, where Johnny Di Francesco’s Margherita triumphed in the 2014 World Pizza Championships.


Melbourne also has a variety of running routes and paths for those interested in exercise, as Melbourne local Shylesh Kandiah had found during his time in Melbourne where he became an avid runner. There are paths around the University grounds, and there are fun runs held all around Melbourne on any given week that people like Shylesh Kandiah have participated in.


If you’re an AFL supporter Melbourne is the place to be, with the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground the cornerstone of Australian sport, there is the opportunity to support all different teams with a variety such as the Carlton Blues, Western Bulldogs, Collingwood Magpies, Essendon Bombers, St Kilda Saints, Melbourne Demons, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Richmond Tigers, and Melbourne local Shylesh Kandiah’s favourite the Hawthorn Hawks, all situated in Melbourne. The Australian Rules culture found in Melbourne is one that brings great joy to many living in Melbourne and there are a variety of teams to choose from. A visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground will undoubtedly be a highlight for a tourist or a local.

There is a variety of entertainment and enjoyment to be found in Melbourne whether you’re a local like Shylesh Kandiah or someone looking for a getaway to a great city.

Managing your Finances – Shylesh Sriranjan

Shylesh Kandiah

-Input from Shylesh Kandiah

Managing your finances for the first time can be a daunting task. Typically those beginning to look towards financial planning will be those looking to become first-time house buyers and will need to look at their finances closely and develop strategies that will help them buy their first dream home. This is certainly the case in Melbourne where house prices continue to rise and financial planning becomes more and more important. Melbourne house prices have jumped over $100,000 in the last year leaving first time home buyers well out of reach of their first home. Melbourne house prices have consistently risen over the past four years with the median house price sitting at over $850,000, a price that for many young people living in Melbourne leaves them expelled from the conversation of buying a home early in their youth.


Many of those living in Melbourne like Melbourne local Shylesh Sriranjan will know the importance of financial planning in building your future. So for those living in Melbourne, unsure of whether they will be able to buy their first home here is what financial planning consists of and why it will help you reach your financial goal. Firstly, you must stay organised with your finances, planning what you’re going to spend each week is key in maintaining a tight budget. This may mean, luxuries such as dinner at a fancy restaurant, a night out in Melbourne, or trips away and overseas will be expelled for the time being. Furthermore, financial planning also consists of budgeting and maintaining a detailed budget that will keep you on track with your every day finances such as what you plan to eat each day, what necessities you will need such as toiletries or clothing, how you will get to work each day whether that is by car which will include money for servicing and petrol, or whether you save some money and take public transport to work which when living in Melbourne is extremely easy to do. These are the decisions you will have to make when financial planning and these decisions are ones that you will need to stick to through everyday life living in Melbourne. Some of the extras that can be expelled can even include getting rid of a spare car, or something as simple making lunch at home, while these extra finances may seem small in the short-term they will help you get your finances back in line. Every little bit helps.


Now this may seem like a terrifying prospect, where it seems like all the fun will be expelled from your life, however, you can find great guides online such as from Shylesh Sriranjan at Shylesh Sriranjan Financial Planning, where Shylesh provides tips and plans for financial planning. This includes everyday tips on how to deal with your accounts and manage some of the simple finances that have been mentioned above. Shylesh believes in an 80/20/20 strategy that will undeniably help those in Melbourne buy their first house, this means 80% of your finances go towards utilities such as food and transport as mentioned above, 20% of your finances go towards paying back liabilities such as loans and credit cards, and the final 20% goes towards your dream of buying a house in Melbourne. Following this financial planning guide from Shylesh as well making sure unnecessary expenses are expelled will go a long way towards ensuring you are on your way to buying a house in Melbourne.

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