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Many individuals don’t really acknowledge what Financial Planning is. They believe it’s basically “Arranging how to spend your cash” when in undeniable reality its path more top to bottom than that.

On the off chance that you or some person you know is experiencing difficulty excelling. In the event that they appear to always not have any cash or they aren’t gathering any investment funds and are in certainty backpedaling, they will require a budgetary organizer.

My name is Shylesh Sriranjan and I will discharge a little tip I learnt a long, long time prior.

The 80/20/20 strategy. How it functions, essentially is

80% of your profit go towards your requirements: Rent, Car, Utilities, Food and so on

20% of your profit go towards paying back some of your liabilities: Loan, Credit Card, and so on

20% of your profit go towards a venture.

This little administer is instructed all over yet it is greatly profitable.

Shylesh Sriranjan – Blog Man

Shylesh Sriranjan

Hi everybody, its your companion Shylesh Kandiah here.

Shylesh Sriranjan Blogs

The same number of you know, I cherish composing and I adore making sites. Most as of late I have begun to make a huge exhibit of online networking, websites, web 2.0 et cetera. These are here just to share my contemplations and to get among the internet. On the off chance that you are keen on tailing me, do as such. The following is a rundown in no specific request of some of my sites and sites.

Shylesh Sriranjan WordPress

I am outrageously astounded with how simple and great the wordpress site is to utilize. I began it up and in no longer than 10 minutes was I up and running and composing my first post. The site looks awesome, it’s anything but difficult to utilize and the completed result of the WordPress site that I have made is stunning. Look at it.

Shylesh Sriranjan Blogspot

I’ve generally adored Blogspot. It’s truly simple to utilize and all you have to begin is a Google account and on the off chance that you don’t have a Google account at that point you’ve been living under a stone for as far back as 20 years. Look at my Blogspot post since I just post from time to time yet when I do post they are well thoroughly considered and are justified regardless of a perused.

Shylesh Sriranjan Livejournal

Presently, I’m not one to post consistent ramblings but rather Livejournal is the lord of ramblings. As I look through everyone’s post on Livejournal I see that a considerable measure of it is mixed up ramblings. Grab, I can get among that.

Shylesh Sriranjan Weebly

In the event that you ever require a simple to utilize, wonderful looking individual site. This is so natural to utilize, looks awesome and is super just to set-up. I have the weebly as a reinforcement for all my different posts which is the reason I have placed it as the last rundown. You can take after this site on the off chance that you need however I won’t be refreshing it routinely and I may be posting all over, once in a while. Shylesh Sriranjan’s money related arranging site is not situated here, but rather I will post where that is next.

Shylesh Sriranjan Financial Planning

I have made a site to occasionally post tips and traps about the stunning universe of Financial Planning. It would be ideal if you take after this site, this is my bread and spread. This site will contain numerous valuable tips for everyday life and how to deal with your accounts. This site will enable you to take data from my site and straightforwardly execute it into your life. The site contains Financial Tips. This will enable you to make all other off base learning you have of Financial planing ousted from your cerebrum and acknowledge all the new, genuine tips.

Shylesh Sriranjan experiences writers block

Hello everyone, Shylesh here.

As many of you all know, I love writing and I love blogging. So much so that I now have numerous different blogs and places where I can write and vent and get feelings off my chest. Today I was really prepared to sit down and write numerous pages of blog posts, informing the masses.

When i went to sat down, coffee in one hand and my other hand itching to get started I realised I had nothing to write about. Not in the sense that I had no topics, I had heaps but the fact that I had no motivation to write.

I had everything perfect, computer was fully charged and I had beautiful scenery just metres in front of me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. How could it?

So here I am, writing this post. This isn’t really anything that important but let me tell you it’s something that needs to be written. I am writing this post as a warm-up. A nice little teaser about whats yet to come and its really working.

I am letting the creative juices flow, paragraph by paragraph. It’s allowing me to warm the hands up but most importantly, the brain.

Anyways, I wanted to write a little warm-up piece and here it is. Not something that everyone will enjoy but something I definitely did.

Shylesh Sriranjan – Random Thoughts on a Monday

Hello everyone, Shylesh here.

Today I woke up earlier than normal. I don’t know why nor do I even dare to figure it out. I went downstairs and began reading a book. The book was on self-planning, self-preservation and finding oneself inside the every day mundane boring tasks.

Financialy, I’ve planned quite well. I mean, I’m Shylesh. I can do it. I kept reading and reading and before I do anything in the day I make sure I plan it.

Photo of me (Shylesh Sriranjan)

Shylesh Sriranjan here:

Just thought I would post up a photo of me that was taken of me when a photographer came into our office saying he was going to take photos of random people in the office.

Here it is:

Shylesh Sriranjan Planner

Let me know what you think. He told me to tell him the time and then when I went to check the clock he snapped a quick picture.

Show up on time – Shylesh Sriranjan

Hello everyone

Today I had a young man show up to fix my bathroom sink. He arrived 5 minutes early and did a spectacular job. I was so impressed I called his boss and let his boss know how good of a worker he was.

His boss said he had received numerous calls like that which is why he paid him more than the others because of his service.

Shylesh Sriranjan

Shylesh Sriranjan – My personal website

This is my first post on my own personal website –

I hope this website finds you well. I hope this post finds you well. This website will contain my thoughts, my prayers and my dreams. If you do not wish to read, simply move along.

If you have something to contribute, by all means comment below. Spammers will be removed.