Photo of me (Shylesh Sriranjan)

Shylesh Sriranjan here:

Just thought I would post up a photo of me that was taken of me when a photographer came into our office saying he was going to take photos of random people in the office.

Here it is:

Shylesh Sriranjan Planner

Let me know what you think. He told me to tell him the time and then when I went to check the clock he snapped a quick picture.

Show up on time – Shylesh Sriranjan

Hello everyone

Today I had a young man show up to fix my bathroom sink. He arrived 5 minutes early and did a spectacular job. I was so impressed I called his boss and let his boss know how good of a worker he was.

His boss said he had received numerous calls like that which is why he paid him more than the others because of his service.

Shylesh Sriranjan

Shylesh Sriranjan – My personal website

This is my first post on my own personal website –

I hope this website finds you well. I hope this post finds you well. This website will contain my thoughts, my prayers and my dreams. If you do not wish to read, simply move along.

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